Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arnicare Gel Review & Giveaway

Summer is here which means tubing, hiking, biking, and more outdoor activities. If you are like me you probably suffer from some kind of pain, whether it be back, knee, shoulder, or anywhere else on your body. I'm tired of spending money on creams and gels that are sticky and smelly. Not to mention made of so many ingredients, this gel only has six ingredients. Look no further, the company Arnicare has come up with a solution called Arnica Gel. It's a homeopathic medicine made from a mountain plant related to a daisy. This gel is non sticky and even helps reduce bruises. I used it the other day on my sore back and I have to say this helped out. I've used other topical products, but the scents always bother me. I'm prone to migraines so I have to be careful, this product didn't have much of a smell. This product is a little runny, but it's clear so I'm not too concerned with making a mess. After applying to my back and rubbing it in, I felt almost immediate relief. My brother does manuel labor for his job and today he came home sore complaining of his knuckles and shoulder killing him. I told him to try some of my Arnica Gel. Needless to say I have to buy my own gel now. He liked it so much that I'm not getting it back. The one drawback to this product is that it doesn't last as long as I would like it to. For under $10 you can't go wrong with this product. What are you waiting for? Go to your local CVS, Walgreens, or natural store and pick up some Arnicare Gel or enter below to win one for free!
**Disclaimer: This product was given to me for free for purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for the positive review. 
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