Friday, June 8, 2012

Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna Eau de Parfum

So I just graduated my Medical Assisting program and landed a job at our local jail. As my graduation gift my grandma's friend bought me some perfume. Not some cheap perfume either she bought me Rihanna's new scent Reb'l Fleur from Macy's. I really like the packaging, Rihanna is super cute with her red hair. The bottle is also interesting. It looks like a dress to me. The smell is pretty strong you only need one or two sprays and it seems to last awhile. Quoted from Macy's
"Daring, sexy and truly memorable, Reb'l Fleur is the first fragrance from Rihanna. Plump fruits, red berries, plum and juicy, ripe peaches, make a delicious first impression, while sumptuous florals and warm base notes create an impression that is defiantly sexy." I'm not big on perfume's especially strong ones since I am prone to migraines and I work with inmates/patients who also can't handle strong scents. On my day's off from work though you will probably catch me wearing this on a special occasion as it doesn't seem to give me a migraine. For those of you perfume addicts I highly recommend trying this product out, it's not too floral or too fruity. It's a decent mix of the two, which I can hardly ever find.


  1. Haven't tried this one yet... sounds like one I would like... don't go for the overly floral scents. Used to work at a fragrance shop and you get picky after a while. lol Great review!!! ;)

  2. That is an interesting bottle, I thought it was one of those oil bottle decorations people put in their kitchens lol