Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hair U Wear Review

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I love colorful hair. I've had purple, red, blue, pink and many other colors. Unfortunately now as an adult with a professional job I can't dye my hair colors anymore.

I thought this meant that I couldn't have colorful hair anymore and had to be super boring. Boy was I wrong! I know people use hair extensions and clip ins but I didn't think I could find a clip in that was real hair that I could straighten in a crazy funky color. Hair U Wear came to my rescue!

Part of the Put On Pieces® new collection, Clip-In Color Strips are perfect for creating instant brights! Made with the finest quality of 100% fine human hair, these Clip-In Color Strips are 16" long on a 1" weft and can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools to blend perfectly with any style you create.
Available in fun fantasy tones: Amethyst, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Black, Teal, and Light Purple.

 The POP Clip ins are 16" long and one inch wide. In this picture Bailey was cutting the extension to blend in with her hair.

 I love how these clip ins are made with real human hair. They are soft durable and super cute. This color is exactly what I was looking for! I only wish the clip was made a little better as they are hard to get to stay in your hair the way you want them. However the clip will do for now, I just use an extra bobby pin. Not only does Hair U Wear do colorful hair they also do bangs and all other types of clip ins. They also have a Dancing with the Stars collection! If you are looking for an alternative to dying your hair or want clip ins check out Hair U Wear. I can't wait to buy more clip in hair extensions from Hair U Wear!

To find a store near you visit this website.

**Disclaimer: This product was given to me for free for purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for the positive review.


  1. I use to wear something similar that clipped into my hair when I was younger. They weren't human hair though! Now that I'm older, if I'm feeling like I need a change these clip-ins seem like they would be a lot better.

  2. These are cool! It sure beats going to the salon and getting colored extensions or even dying it on your own. I like that you can take them in and out so you dont have to wear the colors everyday!

  3. Too cute!!!
    I always have my hair crazy colors in places where i can part my hair the other way to look professional.
    But these might satisfy my need in a less permanent way :D