Friday, December 21, 2012

Uniformed Scrubs Review

For those of you who don't know I work in a local jail as a Medical Assistant. I also just got accepted into a L.V.N. program! (L.P.N. in other states) So my whole uniform consists of scrubs. I recently was sent a pair of scrubs from Uniformed Scrubs, a fairly new online scrub store.

I've been needing a pair of solid black scrubs for a while so I was excited when they shipped them to me. I chose Dickies Scrubs Youtility Cargo Pant and for the top Dickies Youtility Mock Wrap Top. Unfortunately, their website is still a work in progress and not all products have pictures, that was the case with my pants. The descriptions give little info on the stitching color.

When I first received my package the pants were incorrect. I was sent pants that had very little pockets and as a Medical Assistant I carry my stethoscope in the pockets. The pants I received were stitched with bright pink which didn't match the top that was stitched in grey. I contacted Uniformed Scrubs who said the manufacturer had made an error and they would fix it and send me out the pants I had asked for.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 Photo Collage Review and Giveaway!

I love taking photos of my friends, family, events, and places I've been too. I've been meaning to decorate my room with more photos of my friends and I. I recently had the opportunity to customize a 20x30 photo collage poster from makes it easy to personalize your own photos and put them on posters, blankets, canvases, mouse pads, mugs, and cards. They have many options and so many fun shapes to choose from including: rectangles, words like Family, seasonal shapes, and romantic shapes. They make the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and any excuse to give a gift.

Pink Zebra Review

With this holiday season fast approaching we have guests coming over and we are constantly worried if our house smells good or if our house smells like Malibu, our dog. I love candles, but I hate the smoke they create when you blow them out. Pink Zebra was able to make our house smell delicious without dealing with the side effects of candles.

Pink Zebra offers candles, diffusers, simmer pots, lotions, and even soaps. I received a small simmer pot in ivory ($20) and cinnamon spice sprinkles ($8).

Simmer Pots

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Warmly Yours Towel Warmer Giveaway

WarmlyYours Barcelona Towel Warmer Review and Giveaway! 12/3- 12/10

Review and Giveaway by Real Reviews by Savvy K!
In the winter, I always hate taking showers in the morning! It is always so cold in my apartment when I wake up that I can not wait to get in the warm shower, but when it's time to get out, I am colder than I was when I got in! The WarmlyYours Barcelona Towel Warmer definitely changes up my perspective on those morning showers!
The Barcelona Towel Warmer is manufactured with a flawless brushed stainless steel finish to ensure lasting beauty and durability. It has 8 sleek horizontal bars that can easily dry and warm large towels or bathrobes. Designed as a freestanding unit, giving you the flexibility to use it in virtually any room of your home – bathroom, laundry room, or even in a dorm room. The towel warmer is not very big, 24” W x 36” H, so it isn't very bulky. They also have many versions of wall mounted towel warmers for smaller bathrooms! They also have a 2 year warranty on the Barcelona Towel Warmer! How awesome is that! "WarmlyYours towel warmers are backed by a 2-year No-Nonsense Warranty and come with our highly recognized lifetime 24/7 technical support."
Now being that I have never actually used or owned a towel warmer I was a skeptic at first. A plug in towel warmer in the bathroom? Isn't it dangerous and does it actually work? Well, I would say yes and no. If you get this too close to the shower/bath of course it will be just as dangerous as any plug in device. (Ex: Your hair straightener or blow dryer.) So, be sure to keep this at a safe distance in your bathroom when using. As for the question does it work? It goes above and beyond expectations for me!