Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pink Zebra Review

With this holiday season fast approaching we have guests coming over and we are constantly worried if our house smells good or if our house smells like Malibu, our dog. I love candles, but I hate the smoke they create when you blow them out. Pink Zebra was able to make our house smell delicious without dealing with the side effects of candles.

Pink Zebra offers candles, diffusers, simmer pots, lotions, and even soaps. I received a small simmer pot in ivory ($20) and cinnamon spice sprinkles ($8).

Simmer Pots

I have to say cinnamon is one of my favorite scents. It gives my house a nice fall feeling to it and everyone is able to figure out what the scent is. I love how cute the sprinkles are, you can decide how full or empty you want your simmer pot. The sprinkles are heavily scented, which I am so happy for. Am I the only one who loves watching the sprinkles melt-talk about free entertainment.

I also received an ivory simmer pot, I love how the simmer pots are flameless, smokeless, and easy to mix scents together. They are also really easy to clean, if you want to get all of the melted sprinkles out you simply take off the top and put it in the freezer and it will pop out solid.

I love Pink Zebra for the fact that you can have a party at your house. My Representative Kerri was awesome. Having a party would be a great way to spend time with my girls after this stressful holiday season. I know I'm going to buy more sprinkles I just have to decide on a scent but I'm leaning towards one of these either in sugar cookie, spiced vanilla, or warm apple pie.

I love how on my simmer pot it has a light that glows when it's on so I am able to see from across the room that I left it on. I also love that the small simmer pot is about the size of a candle so I don't have to worry about it being too big and not fitting on my table.

Overall, I highly recommend Pink Zebra. They have a multitude of scent options including not so popular ones like Avocado Cilantro, China Rose, and Jasmine Vanilla. They even have scents like relax, sensual, and stress relief to change your mood up.

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  1. wow this review is amazing .. i wonderful do they have a blueberry scent

  2. I got winter wonderland and apple their scents