Friday, December 21, 2012

Uniformed Scrubs Review

For those of you who don't know I work in a local jail as a Medical Assistant. I also just got accepted into a L.V.N. program! (L.P.N. in other states) So my whole uniform consists of scrubs. I recently was sent a pair of scrubs from Uniformed Scrubs, a fairly new online scrub store.

I've been needing a pair of solid black scrubs for a while so I was excited when they shipped them to me. I chose Dickies Scrubs Youtility Cargo Pant and for the top Dickies Youtility Mock Wrap Top. Unfortunately, their website is still a work in progress and not all products have pictures, that was the case with my pants. The descriptions give little info on the stitching color.

When I first received my package the pants were incorrect. I was sent pants that had very little pockets and as a Medical Assistant I carry my stethoscope in the pockets. The pants I received were stitched with bright pink which didn't match the top that was stitched in grey. I contacted Uniformed Scrubs who said the manufacturer had made an error and they would fix it and send me out the pants I had asked for.

The top I received was in excellent condition, although I was surprised at the grey stitching, I really like it. The top was comfortable and super cute.

After receiving the replacement pants I still had an issue, the stitching was black not grey like my top. While the company did send me the scrub pants I asked for I was unaware of the colors used for the stitching. I believed because I chose the same scrubs, Dickies Youtility, the stitching would be the same. Yes, the top did say "multi-needle contrast top stitching," however it never told me what color or showed me a picture of it. The pants said "multi-needle tonal topstitching," but never listed a color either and this one had no image.

Also, the tag I received on my replacement pants state "Gen Flex Solid Stitching" which was not the pants I ordered although they did put a sticker on the back with the item number.

The replacement pants were comfortable and they were the perfect length for both me and my mother who likes wearing hers up past her belly button! The color of the scrubs is a shiny material, so they are not easily interchangeable with other scrubs of the same color. The top did not match the same black as the first set of pants. I also found the first pair of pants to be on the short side, and made for the older generation as they aren't as stylish.

I found the website difficult to use, it was very hard to search for a specific product. Unfortunately, because of how hard it was to use I was unable to locate the first set of pants they sent me. I didn't like how you couldn't input the item number they use for their scrubs. They sell scrubs for the following brands: Adar, Baby Phat, Cherokee, Dickies, and Scrubs HQ.

Overall, I'm having a hard time recommending this company. After pointing out for a second time that the stitching colors did not match, not to mention I don't believe the pants are the one's I selected, the company did not want to fix it. I would caution you if you do decide to purchase scrubs from Uniformed Scrubs, they may not match.

You can find Uniformed Scrubs social media pages below:

They are also running a special. Anyone who "Likes" them on Facebook, or follows their Twitter or Pinterest pages will receive a coupon code to use worth 20% off your purchase and free shipping on purchases over $100. If you connect with all three of their channels, you get all three codes. Each code is good for 1 year.

**Disclaimer: This product was given to me for free for purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own and yours may vary. I was not compensated for this review other than being sent the products mentioned. To read my full disclosure visit


  1. I like the shirt, and agree. You are around professionals that are detailed orientated people, of course they will notice your shirt, and pants aren't even by the same company. Some might take that as sloppy. Maybe they can set up their website/check out so it will be easy to find matching pairs/suggestions.

  2. Thank you for your honest review! The shirt is very cute on you but being from a medical background myself; there's no way I could wear srubs that don't match, I'd be afraid people would think I'm sloppy.

  3. I love the top! It does look really cute. But I wouldn't be able to wear mismatching sets. Hopefully they start showing images on their website so that we can see what we are ordering.

  4. I would want matching scrubs. As a seamstress myself, I can tell you that the stitching styles mentioned have nothing to do with the thread color. It's the way the stitch is produced. Yes it is supposed to contrast but it's also supposed to match.

  5. After reading your review I went and checked out their website. I can't believe they are missing photos of so much stuff I mean that's just web business 101. I'm definitely not going to be purchasing from them I mean... I also would have assumed with the same name the items would have matched. I genuinely appreciate your honesty. You're the best!

  6. It sounds like this distributor needs a lot of tweaking to their website and could probably benefit from a good technical writer! Someone who would specify these details. Scrubs have become a trendy thing to wear to such a point that they've forgotten the original use, uniform clothing for medical professionals. Uniform, there's a word for this company to ponder. :-)

  7. I am glad that you gave an honest review. I read blogger's reviews all the time to get real feedback and although this may have been tough to write, the truth is that they still have some work to be done to improve their site. My close friends wear scrubs to work at a dental office and they are super trendy and cute...I can not imagine them ordering a pair of scrubs and having the stitching not match ...that is not a "set" of scrubs. The Dickies company should fine tune their descriptions and make sure that their customers are getting exactly what they need.

  8. have they responded to your issues? At least tho you got decent cutomer service and they try to fix the issues at all?

    1. Yes. They believe they have fulfilled their obligation by giving me the items even though they don't match.

  9. My husband is a fire fighter paramedic and works extra shifts in the ER quite often. For his ER job, he's in scrubs rather than his paramedic uniform. We go thru tons of scrubs. There's no way he would be allowed to show up for work in mismatched scrubs. They are very strict about appearance, as they should be in that profession I suppose. It's a shame, their prices are fair but the quality lacks. I hope they fix the issues, they would have been great to order from online. Thanks for being honest, I read too many of these blog reviews that are always only stating the positive. You've saved us some $$. At least for now until these glitches are fixed.

  10. I understand your frustration and am glad you gave an honest review. Seems like this company has some more work to do to get it right.

  11. Thank you for your wonderful review.

  12. That top is super cute. It's too bad the stitching is mismatched! I'm not in the medical field, but I wouldn't wear mismatched scrubs either. It does look weird, and I can see that it would appear sloppy to some. I checked out the Web site, and they do have an awful lot of product photos missing. Perhaps they should take their site down until they get their act together. They're starting off the wrong way, as it is.

  13. I guess I am blind cause I honestly can not tell the difference. However, if you can then that is what matters. I am glad you wrote the review.

  14. I appreciate your honesty. I would be upset about it as well. The plus side is the top is SUPER cute!

  15. I wore scrubs when I was pregnant. They were way more comfortable than maternity clothes and now scrubs are more fashionable looking. I really love the top. In regards to the company, I know companies make mistakes and I am shocked that they fixed their error with another error and think that that is acceptable. I personally couldn't care less about the mismatched stitching; it's the no-care attitude that bugs me.

  16. cute scrubs and you look great in them

  17. That is too bad that they don't have matching sets. Everyone wants matching sets, including the thread colors. I can't imagine what this company was thinking.
    I do think that the top is super cute, but I am not a fan of the shiny material.
    Great review.